Sketch of Mrs White: from 'Why Do We Have To Move.'

(Today the pen etches secret prettiness: a wedding commission. Can't divulge yet!)
The fire is lit. Piping, strong and pitch-black I drink up coffee: slap mustard and garlic all over my food. I am feeding a cold. I think it's dying. If needed, there are offers of sympathetic soup, to drown it.
I am well enough, after yesterday's rest, to go out to work: encased in vest, shirt, over top, leggings, trousers, scarf, ski socks and baseball style boots.
To my reflection I say, 'It's a look.'
I get a look back, unconvinced, but warm.
To my students I say, 'I smell of garlic, mustard and Vick's Vapour Rub. Any of you have difficulty breathing, it's either because of me, or you need to stand next to me, and I'll clear those airways.'


Suze said…
Lils, little one and I are scrolling through the blogs and she sees your illustration and says, 'Who's that?'

And I say, 'It's a picture by Lily Tequila' (she knows you by name.)

And she says, 'Oh. She's good!'

(Little one loves to draw, too.)
Lisa Southard said…
Ah, so I am definitely famous! I grew up next to an art school (in Falmouth, Cornwall) and from a very young age had planned to go there and become an artist. That didn't happen! My drawing is not technically good, but I can manage emotiveness: all about the story, whatever the medium! xx

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