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177 Miracles; no, I didn't know the cat's arse was significant either..

161 As the ground thaws Wreathed fragments of Mist materialises In the dips of slopes 162 In the hospital bed Prioritising continues A list of things to live for A list of names 163 Out of all the morphine Phantasmagoria, the most fantastic Thoughts from the future Are recovery and love 164 Mist multiplies in substantial slabs Bounces back headlights makes The air turn thickly white The edges of the road are gone 165 Road-kill slouched At the verge, skin rolling with Revolting gorging chomping Revelling maggots 166 Foam-white wave tops fling inland Into visibility, joyous and dramatic Just for the love of it Spattering froth across tide-lines 167 A squirt of light alerts the fish Barely enough to reflect their silver Sided hustling for food In the wave-churned kelp 168 Seaweed bumps with fish Faint glint of silver and Electric pulses make A shark’s clock tick 169 Beautifully desi

160 quirky moments caught in my virtual ink

148 From the kitchen a memory spell Of scents trickles upwards Honeymoon musings of candle wax Lime zest, fresh coriander 149 Sleep and recollections splice Warm rain falls knee deep Flip flops float off, pagoda roof Cuts a wake through the water 150 Cut to drinking coconut On a boat, the boat has Eyes painted on the prow And legs, amphibious legs 151 Aware that she is dreaming She takes the reins of the walking boat Steers it to a mountain hideout Takes a swim in the clear lake 152 Not every house has Two kitchens, this house is Bolted together like Frankenstein’s Monster, uniquely clumsy 153 Surfaces meet at odd angles Some of this house seems to have Been drawn by a child In cheerful inaccurate crayons 154 Cloud cover differentiates, slightly Lighter than the background Night sky, barely perceptible Perpetual flux 155 Under cloud cover the air Temperature warms, enough to Disperse the for

147 miracles (includes slug toothpaste & arachnid sushi)

1,000 Miracles in One Day Project Update I have had the experience of running, barefoot, over a very fat slug and it did go pop. Also our dog relishes fresh spider, and I am suspicious of what the rats are up to in the back-kitchen roof space. At an average of 41.66 miracles per hour, this post brings me to nearly 4am.  128. Queasy pop underfoot Unlucky tube of slug is Squeezed from life Like accidental toothpaste 129. Starlit unshod sanguine walking Juxtaposed by sliding in Slug-guts, shouldn’t be funny but Tragicomic giggles come 130. Last breaths are coming, in The quiet bed, and the last Nostalgias; dreams are thought of Integral parts of the whole 131. Spider sidles, eight feet tapping On the laminate floor, terminated By the inquisitive dog and her Arachnid sushi snack habit  132. This is an uncomplicated hour  To drift away, in a graceful turn of  Diurnal tide, into the fluid Calm catharsis of night 133. Beyond questioning, like rev

127 miracles in: 3am car crash

1000 Miracles In One Day My brief to myself was to find the moments when something wonderful is happening (if you are looking at it correctly.) More specifically, the moment that can make you aware of wonder, even if it isn't a comfortable feeling, hence the inclusion here of a car accident. The moment itself is usually calm and appreciative, hence a verse also on how easy it is to boil a kettle.  100. Steam from the kettle spout Escalates, there are numerous Reasons not to find sleep And equating routes to remedy 101. Because the night obscures It is a blindfold, because it  Hides things it is devious In degrees, from imp to demon 102. Tapping fingers while the Soothing drink cools in the Abysmal dreary hours  Steam rises and takes a bow  103. For this infusion, water  Surges from tap into kettle The light flicks off when The water is boiled 104. Steam and the flickering  Of the digital clock-face Duet. No other illumination Or entertai

99 and don't judge the drunk

Sad, but the dog fart lightens the mood.  76. Night terrors have had the run of The house, churning up dust and Dirt, they leave echoes of Laughing and chaotic footprints 77. The dog wakes, she  Stretches, farts, her face  Curves like smiling, she Settles back to sleep 78. This last night in the old House, memories, bright Ghosts, walk through from Room to room 79. When we leave these Visitations of our histories Are not forgotten, we simply Will not live amongst them  80. The new house, until now, viewed  By day, the creaks and clanks Of its night-sounds are  Intimate revelations 81. Blandly painted, everywhere Safe beige, tomorrow Colour invades, brings some  Guts to the bone shades 82. A slumped man in a doorway stirs He remembers that he should have Gone home, his trousers are cold And wet, he hopes its beer 83. An arm stretched out to follow The wall, the stumbling drunk man Can walk, his hands and feet Know where he

75 miracles logged; return of the odd sock pile & a vivid nightmare

Recognising a fear definitely counts as a miracle. Fear makes you appreciate life,  knowing what you fear helps you know yourself etc.  And no one should ever underestimate the importance of socks.  57. Laid like pulled teeth In fields, straw monoliths  Celebrate transition Summer crop winter fodder  58. Along the pavement shines Islands of mirrored light Rainwater pools in uneven Corners of wonky slabs 59. In each reflective surface  An upside-down lamppost It is an image, a visual Echo, bouncing back 60. Under tarmac, under earth Deeper, geological dramas The rock is boiling Pushing at plate boundaries 61. Tectonics are beyond control At the fault-lines, minerals, metals Water, volcanoes bubble up The gods and monsters of geology 62. Night rests above, not across All of Earth, there is not enough To go around, we share  Day and night in rotation 63. In the cloak of sleep, fears Are smuggled in, revealing Points of weakne