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Anya Polgarrick, disappointed in life and love, elopes at 16 with an older man whose descent into alcoholism brings violence, isolation and poverty. She struggles to keep herself and her sons safe. When she eventually remarries, it’s not the happy ending she had envisaged.

Happiness, however, does not elude her. Friendships and a random death help to convert her experience and resilience to a gleefully positive force.

Reviews : 
'Wow. This book is so well-written, it made me feel like I was reading one of the old classics, and it was expanding my literary I.Q. or something. It's the kind of book that deeply satisfies and makes you feel good for having read it.

This is a realistic tale spanning multiple decades of a woman's life, during which she encounters some people who cause her great hardships and others who help her overcome them. Like Sisyphus endlessly rolling that boulder of his, Anya, one part resilient and one part complacent, endures by accepting her circumstances and making the best of them as long as she can, and then with great determination, she moves past them when necessary. She simply keeps on keeping on. And on.

Containing prose that is both lyrical and evocative, this is neither a depressing book nor a particularly uplifting one... other than the sheer pleasure of reading it... but the story feels so... real. So raw. It provides an unvarnished glimpse of a somewhat ordinary, but tough, life led by a somewhat ordinary, but extraordinary young woman.'

'I really enjoyed this book, and the style. Anya has endured such sadness but the story is heartwarming through the friendships and strength and steadfastness of female characters (and increasingly from her stepfather). Sadly some of the friendships seemed not to endure physical separation but were lifesaving of themselves. I was pleased there was no saccharine happy ending, but reflectiveness and gladness of now independent, grown up children and the potential of happiness and friendships yet to arrive. Will be sharing this with my fledgeling book club!' 


Most of us are more blessed than we know. It’s in our nature to be aware of what we lack, but with practice we can change our awareness.
This isn’t a How To sort of book though, it’s an invitation to take a walk, through a year in which some things go right and some don’t. 
Set in Cornwall, England, this is the true story of a coffee addled writer learning that practicing mindfulness by paying attention to the present moment is what fulfils life's potential.

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