Suddenly Flluuurrrgh

He came in looking pale: he had forgotten his belt: he wouldn't be able to grade without his belt.
'Wait here,' I tell his parents. I walk back into the hall and bow; an observation of courtesy that, at some point, we all perform inadvertently: at a supermarket, a school, a public toilet.
'Excuse me, Mr Paine…'
I know. It's a good name. And the right person to ask. Instructor Paine points to a bag of spare belts, and there's the very colour I'm looking for. After a hug of much gratitude, after a courteous bow at the door, I return to the nervous scene, hand over the borrowed item. The drama is quickly resolved and there's nothing unusual about stricken faces just before a grading. I forgot about it.
The hall looked brighter than usual, because of the new expensive floor. The new floor didn't have any marks on it to show students where to stand: we set them out in neat rows so our grading examiner can exercise proper scrutiny. The electric tape is missing, so then ensues all the excitement of a tape hunt. Mr Douglas-Green corners a red roll in his kit bag. I butcher it into neat X shapes. The students may now enter.
'What belt is Thomas wearing?' Mr asks.
'It's a 5th Kup.' (Thinks: oh no, is that the right one? Looks: wrinkles brow. Thinks: it is the right one. It's just not tied very neatly.)
If I had been looking at his ashen face then, maybe I would have known.
Suddenly, flluuurrrgh
As the tea coloured vomit soaked into the cheery blue floor cloths, I finally recognised that he was paler than he should have been. He usually does very well at gradings.


Suze said…
How old is Thomas?
Lisa Southard said…
Nine- actually, ten by the end of this month. He'd been off school with a chest infection but convinced his parents- and me and himself- that he was well enough to grade. Highly commendable: he got himself to the edge of the hall before the flluurrgh. Thomas always gives it his best shot. He left with a self depreciating smile.
Suze said…
My daughter is nine, this month. For some reason, this makes me feel closer to you. The idea of your ten-year-old Thomas and my girl being February babies. Please give him a happy birthday and a huge 'well done' from me.
Suze said…
Not a well done on the fluuurgh bit. The always giving it his best shot bit. Just ... thought I'd clarify ...
Lisa Southard said…
A very happy birthday to both the February kids! I had suspected the 'well done' was for the attitude not the mess on the floor :-) It is a lovely thought, both these smart youngsters sharing a birthday month. Can't help but indulge a romantic notion that one day the two will meet and get married! Not any day soon, obviously. Ten is a bit young!

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