The Path Of Contented Resistance

So much going on with work of various kinds, distraction is medicinal. I have wandered through some old papers, found this poem and written a sort of postscript to it. A bit rushed, a bit distracted, but happy.



I cannot fall in love today

It will only live in one house
And I won't stop moving

The day before I may have

Stood at the gate, wishing
Dearly to be let in

But the air outside

Was fresh and the view
Needed exploring

Tomorrow my boots may be

All worn down
My head spinning with sights

Then I will choose my loveliest place

Lay down with the flowers
Who comes to me there can stay

And a love that is real doesn't care

At all for cement and fences
It moves easy as grass under breezes.



Moon overhead

Heavy with shine
Follows a gravity

A fidelity

Pull and lustre
We see it as we feel it

We move with the lug

Through the swell of it

Smiling under

The weight of
This light



Suze said…
Thank you for posting these, Lisa.
Geo. said…
Beautiful, Lily. I sure enjoy your poetry. You're definitely an Earthling.
Lisa Southard said…
You are most welcome Suze: I couldn't sort out the spacing issues, the verses are supposed to three lines each. But it was getting late and I decided not to stress over it. Otherwise the weight loses the light!
Likewise are you welcome, Geo. I am rather at home on this planet, although it's not always apparent :-)

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