The Flip-Flop Mountaineer

To both satisfy and provoke curiosity, contained herein are the illustrations from my newest foray into print. Always I will tell people that I cannot draw or paint, only illustrate within a fairly limited scope. They look at my pictures- the pen and inks are the better examples of this- and curl lips.
There's no hook for compliment cast intentionally.
The bit missing from the statement is that I could: if I could be bothered to pursue and practice: sketch convincingly whatever is set before me.
Why don't I practice?
Because writing is the deep obsession.
So, why not just write?
While I draw, a wordless refreshment happens, a buoyancy, a reaffirmation.
Each picture is a push past the comfort zone due to this lack of technical skill. It tests the nerve, the verve, the whole composure.
If you find the right path, climb the mountain in flip-flops.
At the summit, out the brilliant words fly.


Suze said…
Thank you, Lily.

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