Back From The Future Blog Party

Another joint blog adventure- if you want to see who else said what the list of participants is here.
The premise is this:

'You're up before dawn on a Saturday when the doorbell rings. You haven't brewed your coffee so you wonder if you imagined the sound. Plonking the half-filled carafe in the sink, you go to the front door and cautiously swing it open. No one there. As you cast your eyes to the ground, you see a parcel addressed to you ... from you.
You scoop it up and haul it inside, sensing something legitimate despite the extreme oddness of the situation. Carefully, you pry it open. Inside is a shoebox -- sent from ten years in the future -- and it's filled with items you have sent yourself.
What's in it?'

Here's how I imagined it:

Before dawn?
Shadows outside, first forming.
Sleep has gone, I don't know where. Coffee I can find.

All the way from Machu Pichu, this fair-traded pack. Scissors are in the drawer, which is where they should be. Not where I expect them to be. Snick, one open pack.
Am I talking to myself?
Always monologue when I wake up too early: yeah, I remember now, that is what I do.
Cafetiere: here somewhere. Left it in the fridge once: here, here it is. Behind the soup pan.

Kettle steam is pretty. Usually overlooked, the prettiness of it.
Right: next. Two heaped up spoons; one; two: wait for-
A knock at the door?

I think this might be a dream.
One two
Buckle my shoe
Three four
Knock on the door.

Ow, shit, shit: fumbled it: ow!
This bit isn't dreamy. Just not quite awake. It's too early.
Cold water, for a burn.

I need that coffee.
I heard a knock.
Did I?
Just go and look.

I see shadows, and the flits of birds: they are started. They like early.
Oh. A parcel?
Yes. That's what it is. Oh.

Brown paper. And a picture: simplistic little sailed boat. I draw that: I draw a boat exactly like that.
I see. It's going to be one of those days. Inside this package is a shoebox: I will send it to myself, ten years from now. Yeah, I remember now, that is what I do.
The first time was the weirdest.
It's still so early. I'll have the coffee later. I'm going back to bed.

What have I sent? It's
a lottery ticket.
Nestled in shredded tissue paper, most as per the usual list:
One periwinkle shell
One mussel shell
One dog whelk shell
Two, unmatched, baby socks
A bottle of good brandy
A pepper grinder (this is new- mine broke, last week: I remembered!)
Three new drawing pens
One pristine notebook
A pack of silver sequins
A note:
'Is the steam as beautiful if anyone should neglect to see it?'


  1. Lovely! How considerate about the pepper-grinder, too!
    ~Just Jill

  2. ecclectic and eccentric, what does it all mean?
    i get the pepper mill, how perfect!
    poetic post =)

  3. How IS it that you manage to draw tears from me nearly every time? The contents of your box are so undeniably you, beauty.

    (Steam rising from freshly-poured coffee in the sunlight always makes me think of entropy, chaos and redemption.)

    Love you, love your words, love your worlds.

  4. A very interesting and wonderful package. The sequence has me curious. :) Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I love how simple and yet so profound those objects in your box are!

  6. Hi Lily! Just stopping by from the hop and I really enjoyed your entry. Very creative and beautifully written. Nice to meet you!

  7. Shells and pens - maybe you're trying to tell yourself to write a story set by the ocean.

  8. You are one unique lady, and I mean that in the best possible way. Love your post.

  9. I award you the prettiest post of the fest...well, so far not through yet, but you'll at least tie for first. This was both pretty & fun, and I love your spin that this isn't the first time this has happened...

  10. I find the two un-matched baby socks the most curious! :)

  11. Great list! I like the grinder and the socks. Have a lovely weekend.

  12. I love the mix of objects you've sent yourself. The poetry format was wonderful!

  13. Fascinating list....

    NIce to meet you Lily. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier...

    What would we do without our coffee. Sipping as I write this.

  14. Interesting that you mention the steam, I've never thought of it as pretty, just efficient. You must be a sensitive soul.

    My first priority is coffee, and I'm suspicious of early morning knocks on the door. But I like getting parcels.

  15. Blimey! What lovely comments :-)
    Am making my way through the blog hoppers, slowly, but if you don't have a comment from me yet, it will be pending! And THANK YOU :-)

  16. Wow, one of the best hop entries ever. My next pepper mill's gonna have batteries so they do the work, LOL.

    New Follower here.

  17. Thanks Kitty- the last pepper grinder we had was battery operated- most indulgent, having a device to do the work for you!

  18. Like Mary, the sequence in the box holds mystery form me. The question is evocative. :-)

  19. You have an interesting voice!

  20. How curious! The future you is an interesting person...I bet the present you is pretty damn fascinating too. I like Alex's suggestion that you're going to write stories taking place near the sea.

  21. That was an unusual list. Loved the lyrics.


  22. Simple yet enigmatic. I'm intrigued. Love that it's happened before. I'll admit the sequins captured my imagination. Hmm...

  23. I love your list of stuff that you sent yourself :)

  24. Interesting! I like the baby socks. A hint-hint for yourself. hehe

  25. Another big thank you for my lovely comments: apologies for not replying to each- but have managed to visit each Blog Party entry! Hope all your jolly future dreams come true :-)


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