Play For Today

Circa 2012

My shoulders are pinched, uptight: not a finger pinch, something with more pressure per square inch, something like a vice or a blunt hammered nail. 
Over the day it distends from scrunch to pain. 
I drive to work and I think: I won't manage this
Only when I get there and set the roof mounted heaters going in a sorry attempt to warm the floor, and I'm lugging kick pads, and my flask of coffee sits on a chair, even before my students arrive, thought has nothing to do with it, this is a burst of spirit: All the world's a stage. 
Across the cold wood I tread, bold, sure of my character. 

Circa 2011: didn't have my camera at work today. Sorry about my fangy teeth.  


Geo. said…
Lovely photo of you among laughers. If "All the world's a stage", these are the expressions of those who get to operate the trap doors. Such delightful mischief.
Lisa Southard said…
Delightful mischief is my favourite kind!
Suze said…
You all look so happy!

I love that burst of spirit, Lily. Leave it to you, my friend.
Lisa Southard said…
Almost ran out of burst... but sometimes the more you give, the more you find you have :-)
We were happy- can't remember what I was saying here though!

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