Play For Today

Circa 2012

My shoulders are pinched, uptight: not a finger pinch, something with more pressure per square inch, something like a vice or a blunt hammered nail. 
Over the day it distends from scrunch to pain. 
I drive to work and I think: I won't manage this
Only when I get there and set the roof mounted heaters going in a sorry attempt to warm the floor, and I'm lugging kick pads, and my flask of coffee sits on a chair, even before my students arrive, thought has nothing to do with it, this is a burst of spirit: All the world's a stage. 
Across the cold wood I tread, bold, sure of my character. 

Circa 2011: didn't have my camera at work today. Sorry about my fangy teeth.  


  1. Lovely photo of you among laughers. If "All the world's a stage", these are the expressions of those who get to operate the trap doors. Such delightful mischief.

  2. Delightful mischief is my favourite kind!

  3. You all look so happy!

    I love that burst of spirit, Lily. Leave it to you, my friend.

  4. Almost ran out of burst... but sometimes the more you give, the more you find you have :-)
    We were happy- can't remember what I was saying here though!


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