Kooky Valentine

A relocated False Start Friday project: here a group of dedicated bloggers share either previously unrevealed or rejected writings; and there are few subjects that cause us as much trouble as LOVE or the frequently icky Romance.

Here's how romance works in our house~

Mr: I bought you roses! From a petrol station (giggles.)
Me: You know you can't eat the shop bought ones- they put spray on them!
Mr: Perhaps you could put them in a vase?
(Both laugh hilariously.)
It has a sort of Theatre Of The Absurd vibe to it.

Here is a poem, untitled, written once upon a time before Mr. I like it a great deal but it only existed before now as biro lines in an old notebook. It deserves better. As a love poem, it's unorthodox. It's more about freedom from the tyranny of love.

This is not the girl
Whose song you sing
Not the one you think of
Not the one you love
She's the one who walks alone
Who sings where no one ever hears
And what she dreams you'll never know
And if she ever leaves that path
Her footprints always bear that witness
Where she's been brings her where she is
And the feel of cool rock
Lasts as long as songs and love.


Geo. said…
Lily, your poem is very moving, evocative of other days that still resonate. And the roses are lovely. We have a nearly identical vase.
Lisa Southard said…
I just knew we'd be vase twins! And thank you. Without the right partner, singularity is always preferred.
I also like the vase - though only wish I could say I had the same one. Those are decent roses by petrol station standards.
Suze said…
There's a saying in Spanish, 'mejor sola que mal acompanada.' Better alone than paired ill.

I love that Geo and you are vase twins. AND I love your happy luck cat. I'm not a kleptomaniac but I can see my evil twin filching it off your shelf and then flashing you a kooky smile. (TMI?)

Seriously, Lils, I wanted to make mention of the Theatre of the Absurd bit but it might be too marvelous for words. I hear the lightly maniacal laughter, btw. Quite excellent.

Here's what I'm thinking. This can't end here. We must have something to take the place of FSF now we have this amazing gang of people all cross-pollinating.

That said, I've been thinking about this all day. I'm sort of cross with myself for not having typed over at Sus's place that I was flanked by two angels. She on one side, you, the other.

Finally, I love the opening line,
'this is not the girl.'

Bit of a poem and universe all its own, yes?


Happy Valentine's Day, my sweet.
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you Mr Squid- when done with, this vase is entirely recyclable and the rose petals will be dried to make confetti for my eldest stepdaughter's wedding. Any leftover water will feed houseplants. I don't know why you need to know this! But I've typed it now :-)
Lisa Southard said…
'Better alone than paired ill' Good saying!
Maneko-neki is solar powered, so she spends all day waving in luck and can have a rest by night. I knew you'd like her :-)
Very much enjoying the FSF stuff: it's an encouragement to dabble and rediscover. I began a story about a reluctant angel, which your comment has reminded me of- no idea where that went but thanks to the mould threat do have a lot of old papers to sift through and save. Something good will come of it. If I were a traditional looking angel I would have scruffy wings, I think, with bits of hedge stuck in my feathers. I could fly over for coffee :-) xxx
Suze said…
I'm a chump, it's official. I'm swallowing more lumps of tears with my coffee. I can totally picture your beautiful wings! I also saw your whaddaya-gonna-do smile and lift of the shoulders, halo askew.

Here's what came to me this morning for our next joint effort: a closure piece. To bridge false starts with success, we have a collect of posts that have something to do with closure on one era and the opening of another.
Lisa Southard said…
A closure piece? Like the idea of this bridge! And for some reason am finding this angel version of me exceptionally comic: I think it's the comedy of recognition :-) xx
I love your solar-powered cat. I have a solar-powered flower (Its petal move up and down as though it were doing jumping jacks.) and a solar-powered hula dancer. They both make me smile.

Your poem makes me smile, too. A sad smile. We all want someone who truly knows the real us... to love us. Good job.
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you Susan- solar powered fun can never be wrong :-)
S.P. Bowers said…
Sorry I'm so late getting around to this. I love the poem though. I finally found someone who could accept my love of solitude and the paths I walk and even walk them with me, without detracting from the experience. I knew I could marry him when we could sit in companionable silence.
Lisa Southard said…
No worries Sara! Solitude isn't always lonely, sometimes it is just the beautiful calm. Glad you can share the calm :-)

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