Duvet Day

Rain bounces on the lean-to roof. Dog barks. One eye opens. Eventually I realise that it's my eye. Watch the tall fronded trees sigh in pale grey daylight. Tea is fetched to my bedside.
Hours, somewhere, are ticking by. I can't hear them. I sleep.
Hunger puts my feet on the stairs. Feed a cold, that's the old wisdom. Starve a fever. What does a cold like to eat? Fruit and yoghurt is what it gets.
In the post today: my copy of the book I illustrated. Sense of achievement prompts further action.
Pour coffee into brain. Write. Stories for papers about our students getting new belt levels- done. One essay required for request to take Second Dan grading- done. One chunk of novel- done.
Three ticks earns a rest.
Trees wave, eyes drop, dog woofs, rain drums.


The Cranky said…
How lovely, such cheery illustrations! Feel better soon so I don't have to attempt sending chicken soup via post.
Suze said…
Just typed the title of the book you illustrated on amazon US and UK. Where can I see the pictures, Lily?

(Wish I could feed you a very hot soup with more vegetables than you can rightly handle. AH! Wishbone Soup, love! It cures everything.)

Lisa Southard said…
Loving the offers of soup :-)
Oddly, I've not checked the book out on Amazon yet- how lazy!! It should be there, I'm not sure how many pages are visible: did try to load up pictures tonight but they are too big for blogger! Hence the use of sketches in next post! Hit on new plan now- will take photos of pictures and post some up. Working on pictures currently for my eldest stepdaughter's wedding invites -whilst wrapped up and run around after - what a lovely lovely life!! xx

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