The Distracted Host

Out come the frying pans. Dog must have her lead on to go next door for eggs, lest she succumb to cat chasing. A telephone call is made to fetch milk. There are two kinds of flour in the cupboard.
I have vinegar smeared books propped in sun traps. A sense of responsibility has prompted a salvage attempt. Maybe the picture books could be scanned. Here's Cinderella and her rescue complex. It's not the story that enamours, after all: it is the pictures. The first dress is pale pink silk: prettier than anything I had ever seen (circa 1975.) The second dress is pale blue satin: the most sophisticated thing: a girl, looking beautiful and feminine: gathered net in a masculine colour. The third dress is silver and gold lace. There could be nothing more glamorous. Or there could: all ready I had seen such wonder and it had drawn out the idea that the world stretches further than you know.
Meanwhile, distilled white vinegar diminishes mould spores and my houseguests need pancakes.

Glad you enjoyed the pancakes Lady Victoria :-) 


Gail said…
I hope your pancakes were more successful than mine. First time I'd ever made them (at the age of 40 something) and managed 5 edible out of a mix for 10 - Still, Mrs M enjoyed her ONE!
Lisa Southard said…
Never to late to learn, Mr M! I favour the wholemeal non dairy yankpank version: my Mr likes the traditional stuff. We mix and match. Wishing you a pleasant pancake learning curve :-)

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