Mr and I were early for the wedding. This is unusual behaviour.
I did forget to wear my wedding ring (more expected: it is often boxed, as I can't wear it for work. Sometimes causes hilarious misunderstandings, that I work evenings and must not wear a wedding band.) It snowed, a little flurry only. The bride and bridesmaids, even with the faux fur stoles, were bravely cold. It was easy to huddle us in for the big photo, seeking some communal heat.
After the warming effects of a three course meal, sleepiness is inevitable. Little Finley half snoozes on his Auntie's lap: he's not been well lately. None of us were expecting him to vomit though. The bar staff handed over lukewarm soapy water and paper towels: luckily for them I am an adept sick handler.
Then comes the disco and the dance floor covered in colours of light and twirling tinies. George does his first knee slide. Molly kicks her Uncle. Logan and Nathan stand on a windowsill shrieking at the wild rabbits bobbing tails across the lawn.
On the drive home we laugh, we are saying how cute, how happy: were we really early?!


Lisa Southard said…
On an unrelated note: some laptop trouble this evening: if I disappear from here, it's only a technical hitch!
Geo. said…
What a handsome group! A delightful occasion! And I learned that a lot of my city's evening pedestrians are martial arts instructors.
Lisa Southard said…
A lovely day Mr Geo: how lucky for you that there is such a good provision of instruction available :-)
Suze said…
Lils, what a fabulous image. I'm in love.

Sorry about having clean-up duty. Seems you should have been spared as much for arriving early!
Lisa Southard said…
This picture stars George and Layla. And I didn't mind the cleaning up, even with inadequate supplies, in fact I like a challenge. It doesn't always have to be vomit though!

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