E, That Was Funny

Expostulate v (foll. by with) reason (with) esp to dissuade.
This word has an old fashioned flavour. I feel it would be best used whilst sporting a monocle. It brings a nostalgia for the days when I would pack my children into my rickety car and commence on road trips visiting old country estates. We would swan the aged hallways and pretend, of course, that this was our home, and we really must chivvy the gardener as the roses have been too straggly this year.
Our trip to Castle Drogo was, most memorably, on the same day that I forgot to put the shield on the hair clippers and quite balded my son. He was rather little and pale then: the effect was a post-chemo chic that caused people all day to usher us to the front of every queue. And we were too embarrassed to expostulate with them.


KC Kendricks said…
Neat theme for the A to Z challenge :) Thanks for stopping by Between the Keys earlier as part of the challenge.
Good story about your son's haircut. It's a good reminder that most people really are decent, even if it was under false pretense!
Jolie du Pre said…
I loved this post!! Thanks!!

Precious Monsters
Teresa Cypher said…
Haha! Lily, you haven't lost your touch! I love this: "I feel it would be best used whilst sporting a monocle." Brilliant! lol. Happy anniversary! I think we met during the A to Z a couple of years ago. How have you been? How is Mr? Dog? Son? Baby? :-)
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you all! You are further proof that people can be lovely :-)
And yes, Teresa, must be a few years ago on the A-Z! The family are well, Dog in mild disgrace for eating a bit of river drowned sheep and making her self sick, the grandchildren are growing up and there's four of them now- Baby is morphed into Little Granddaughter, my bossy sidekick :-) x
Jo said…
It is a lovely word isn't it. Not one that you hear much these days.

Geo. said…
Glad you chivvied the gardener because I've been remiss in my comments. However, I have kept apace, insofar as humanly possible, with your cheerful inquiry into existence. You are remarkable. My compliments!
Suze said…
You are very good at what you do, woman. Magic-maker and we don't even see it coming. (Guess that's what makes it magic.)
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you some more :-)
Jo, it is hard to pronounce though!
Geo, I can't imagine you would let the rose grow unguided: and forays into your lovely green world from here often lack comment: a reflection on my flagging internet access never on the words or scenery x
Suze, this is treasured praise dear lady, absolute gold :-) x

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