Zwieback Finale

Last day of the Alphabet Challenge: my dictionary random selection offers me a snack. Zwieback, filling the niche between toast and biscuit, is an egg rich loaf that is sliced and further baked: zwieback means 'twice baked.' Cinnamon would be a nice addition, although the recipe I looked up had nutmeg.
Today is not for baking, there is too much garden work to do, so I'm leaving this link here to get back to when the next batch of planting and repotting is done. For my finale, I have put all of my randomly selected words into one sentence, and found that there is a kind of story in it, because every sentence has a sort of implied story to it, because story underpins everything we do, because more than bones or dust, story is our existence and our legacy. No wonder we are drawn to this reading and writing lark!

April 2014 A-Z Finale Sentence:
After an abysmal banister conclusion at my domicile lead me to expostulate, dressed in a frill, with some passing gentry, we left in heavy hail, where an illustrious jaguar kiss brought a light-hearted cry of 'mayday,' and a nonagenarian smiled, though old, she said she delighted in a polonaise and would never quit: that was her reported speech, she had a lilt like a sonnet, the up and down lilt, it held you as a vice, even in wet cold weather; hazardous weather, marked xn; and so together we contemplated the reach of Yggdrasil as we crunched zwieback snacks and watched the sun re-emerge.

View from and including breakfast table: toast over done.
Should have baked  it!


Wendy said…
I remember my parents giving my sister Zwieback when she was teething.
And what an ambitious final sentence. I bow to the master!
Visiting one last time from AtoZ~
Wendy at Jollett Etc.
Lisa Southard said…
It is mentioned as good for teething- might have to bake some for the littlest grandchildren. The last sentence was good fun: thank you for all your visits Wendy- I'll be over to your blog dreckly :-)
Francisco said…
Congratulations in finishing the alphabet the finale sentence!
Visiting from
Jo said…
That last picture, that's how I like my toast. Enjoyed your last sentence, good one.

Glad you made it through to the end of the challenge.
Congrats on finishing A-Z!
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you all for the support and lovely comments! Rather enjoyed my alphabet wanderings. Time to knuckle down with some Novel writing now though :-)

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