Domicile; Dishevelled, Delighted

[dom-miss-ile] n a place where one lives.
Which brings me to Oscar Wilde, and a quote I will search out on Pinterest because there is bound to be a splendid graphic for it: something about how rare it is to live, most people are merely existing. Acerbically entertaining, Mr Wilde, and the heart of my vocation: I have a drive to bring aliveness to life! And it might as well start at home. Everyone says their home is a mess, usually to apologise. But I am the only person I know who swept a dead bat out from under the bed. I hate vacuuming so I sent my hoover to the tip to be recycled. I don't mind sweeping. I kept the dead bat in a flowerpot for ages, to amuse guests. Anyway, the point is, my house is for living in: part comfy shelter, part springboard, part interactive gallery. 

As suspected, and pinched from a Pinterest search of Oscar's fabulous quotes.
Thought of posting a picture of my house but hmmm...


Jo said…
If not doing housework is a sign of living, I do pretty well.
Lisa Southard said…
Glad to hear it Jo!

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