The Gentry Tangent

At first it was obvious, gentry being the word the blind finger pointed out, I should write about social inequality.
I love the history of the big houses: shun the social sectioning…
My politics are not politic: they are humanitarian, they are ecologically sensible...
Looking at the origins of the word, is it possible to determine how clan became class…
And class, nothing without cash, or the illusion of it…
Whilst these thoughts trough and peak, a random searchlight throws out over the vast cybersea…
Google it… everyone's answer to everything…
What's this?
Flotsam, jetsam, art…
An artist, working with recently obsolete media: and I think of how the swift turnover in design is both progress and wasteful and how the human element is the element I am most drawn to even in this overwhelming volume of information.
'What about a world in which, simply by living their lives, people create vast searchable records of all they have seen—a world, not of Big Brother, but of a billion Little Brothers?'
There's a link to an article about this bewildering ability to record everything in a life, which gets clicked but sticks and I have to shut my laptop down: but the thing that makes the impression from this: a record is not a life. If all we do is catalogue, we seem to be missing the direct connection.
Sometimes words are a hindrance to the direct experience: a picture, a sound, a scent memory conveys best. But how I seek to use words is to find the underlying connectivity.
And if we have that?
By all means, search for your answer.

Meanwhile, here is Boy in a mug of coffee.
Do not be alarmed, it was not overly hot.


  1. Class was originally strength, then breeding and only recently cash.

  2. Material supremacy has always been part of the social equation, I think. But art and understanding interests me more :-)


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