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So far the random word selecting process has given a random list, this was not a surprise. But yesterday's nonagenarian and today's old seem at first too similar. The first definition of old in this week's dictionary is

'1. Having existed or lived for a relatively long time.' 

Ah, but old is a word related to a wider concept of time, I like the last one best: 

'2. Having a specified age… 
3. Dear or cherished through long association.'

The next column in the O section is taken up with associated words: old boy, olden, Old English, old-fashioned, old hat, old man's beard, Old Master, old school tie, oldster, Old Testament, old-timer, old wives' tale, Old World. It's a lovely jumble, though it occurs to me that many of these words can be used with affection or in a derogatory way. That long association can also breed contempt, I suppose. The difficult thing about hanging around for some time is to keep (and to express) a fresh view. But isn't that what I said yesterday? Hmm. There we go, all ready repeating myself!

I shall go and walk my dog, I think, for the sun is shining and the sharp breeze all warmed up. In the hedges grow sour mustard flowers and nectar rich primrose and perfumed violets. I shall reflect on the dual nature of cherishing, and how a little acerbic humour is part of life's full palette.


  1. That is an interesting observation about the word "old."
    Visiting from A to Z~
    Wendy at Jollett Etc.

  2. Enjoyed perusing your blog! *another a to z blogger

  3. My real web page (oops it didn't ask for it) http://slfinnell1965.wordpress.com

  4. I guess "old" isn't that bad if you can take a walk outside and enjoy the new and the old - nature is as old as our beginnings and yet so new! I'm going out for a walk - thank you for your post!
    Visiting from A-Z Blogging Challenge,

  5. I, too, am more than fond of #3's definition...Dear or cherished through long association. Well said..."the difficult thing about hanging around fr some time is to keep...and express...a fresh view. I relate!
    Having been out of town and getting behind, I'm catching up with posting and visiting...hope you can stop by.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal


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