B is for... Cake?

This can happen when your eyes are closed. You can mistake boundaries. Clearly, cake does not begin with the requisite letter. A second attempt is therefore deemed appropriate. A second attempt gives me banisters pl n railing supported by posts on a staircase. Which being an actual boundary is an amusing replacement.
I was about thirteen, or thereabouts, when I tied my brother's leg to the banister rails in our little cottage with a piece of stolen washing line and he thrashed wildly enough to knock the whole banister out, and it fell on the telephone and broke that too. As luck would have it, several years later, this turned out to be merely a bad sister's dream. I sometimes dream so vividly I have no idea that I'm dreaming: this can be horribly confusing. It's easier to separate out reality when the visions are fantastical. Mundane detail needs checking. There were no banisters in that little cottage, and the telephone was safe on a windowsill in the front room. The washing line was the plastic coated kind: challenging to tie a good hostage knot in that stuff even if your subject is compliant. 

Nightmare sister portrait


Sue McPeak said…
I had a moment of nightmare confusion when I first arrived...'Yikes, I posted the wrong letter' today. I'm awake now that I've read your 'B' post and realized your 'Stabbing Method' overshot the 'B' column.

I believe our dreamworlds have collied before. I definitely recognize the 'tied up thrashing brother'. Mine, however, was hogtied to a fence post.

Nice recovery from the 'OverStab'...and you can use 'Cake' tomorrow. Well done!
Sue at CollectInTexas Gal
Lisa Southard said…
Sorry for the confusion Sue! I guess most sisters have had similar dreams, and wouldn't be too surprised if brothers dreamt of such stuff too :-)
Hadn't occurred to me to use Cake for tomorrow, it feels like cheating to know in advance!

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