Cinnamon Smoke

Sat on the mismatched dark wood dining chair: look to an unseen distance: stare, calm, wait for words that are looking for somewhere, for what is a word that is never spoken?
An absence, a nothing, unplaced.

A scented candle in a tumbler on the mantelpiece: a thing specific.
Waxy sputter, the last dance of a fat low flame, catches the reflective curve of glass, softer and softer as it shrinks; blue glimmer, red bud, glowing memento, dark wick, captured soot. Like any candle might, recognisable. This one leaves cinnamon smoke.


  1. Hmmmm, nice. Cinnamon smoke. One of my daughters-in-law gave me a bunch of scented waxes and a gizmo for melting them in. The cinnamon in one of my favorites.

    You created vivid images with your words. As always.

  2. Cinnamon is one of my faves too: for taste and smell. Not suggesting we should eat wax! :-)

  3. Cinnamon smoke. If I could bottle it I would spread it on my toast with butter. Happy Belated New Year Lisa!

  4. Happy Belatedness reciprocated Heather- cinnamon smoke butter- now I am wondering to to get that flavour on my toast! :-)


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