New Boots

Nam-ma, Girl, Little Granddaughter: after buying new Wellington boots they go to Widemouth Beach with a happy Dog. Feet are kept dry. Paws and fur in the water, happy happy Dog! The sun has a turn at shining again. Little Granddaughter chases a plastic bag over the sand and every time she bends to reach it blows away again. Nam-ma and Girl would have helped sooner only they were suffering a laughter fit, poor dears. But after this is ice cream and café crafted soup. Dog loiters under a chair. Clouds cluster, the wind speeds and chills. Coffee heats. Feet are still dry on the drive home.
Little Granddaughter sleeps and the wakeful others talk of fresh diary pages, cider vinegar, brisk walking, making project lists. Dog on the back seat, damp, gently steaming.
New boots press pedals, vroom-vroom!


Teresa Cypher said…
Sounds like a wonderful moment--the giggles. I could visualize her trying to grab the bag as it blew away. And again, and again. Looks like a good day. :-)
Lisa Southard said…
Once she had the bag she cried because the dog hadn't done a poo, so we made a sand-poo for her! She loved it and we did a lot more laughing. Splendid day :-)

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