Exciting Times Lie Ahead

Little Granddaughter steps out of the bank queue, confidently presses code buttons on the cash point loading door. Eyebrows raise, concerned. I'm not sure what she expected but she tells me it's broken.
'Wass a gonna do?' She shrugs off the problem to the staff.
Grab a shiny red wrapped fortune cookie from a counter display is wass a Nam-ma is gonna do: distract.
Here, I say, hold this. She decides it will be best if clipped safe in my bag; plays with the satchel clasps and forgets the infant bank heisting.
'Ahh,' say the staff, quite smitten.
(Maybe we should try a few more number combinations next time…)
Back at the car she sighs in her seat and says she's not tired. She rubs her eyes, makes grumbly noises.
'Hey, I know what we forgot!'
I open the cookie wrapper, crack the honey coloured crescent: read.
-Ah. I knew that.


Geo. said…
"Hey, I know what we forgot!"

Emissaries from the future always know what we forgot. Charming kid!
Lisa Southard said…
She didn't like the cracker but the idea of a secret message was a big success. Maybe she was hoping it was the cash point door code :-)

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