Day One, 2014

I yearn to describe weather: why would I desire that?
Because it is outdoors, expansive, it tints each day's experience. These details make days and days make lives. So I always speak of sun and shade. I see it, I am awake, alive!
Yesterday the sun gave us a winter bath, today the rain is drenching. Wind draws the trees as an archer draws a longbow. My son-in-law is outside ankle deep in a puddle, huddled under a gazebo, barbequing. Neither the climate nor Fat Beagle's cake theft will ruin Little Grandson's birthday party.
He likes the present we bought him. He peers through them into the winter dark treetops.


Geo. said…
Binoculars, a perfect gift. And yes, even though it's difficult because part of it is always in the future, I believe you have described the weather
Lisa Southard said…
We are looking forward to spying on wildlife and boats at sea. Thank you very much for the weather compliment- like very much to think of part of it always being in the future, always something to look forward to :-) x
Suze said…
Fat Beagle sounds like the perfect name for a band. Cake Theft, the perfect first album.

Happy Birthday to Grandson!
Lisa Southard said…
Fat Beagle- puts the roll into rock n roll! I am picturing him in a leather fedora... He would OD on cake though, very sad. We can see the hilarity but also am sympathetic to my poor stepdaughter- new baby, Christmas, birthday bash, heavy weather- busy enough without emergency cake procedures!

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