Cinnamon Smoke

Sat on the mismatched dark wood dining chair: look to an unseen distance: stare, calm, wait for words that are looking for somewhere, for what is a word that is never spoken?
An absence, a nothing, unplaced.

A scented candle in a tumbler on the mantelpiece: a thing specific.
Waxy sputter, the last dance of a fat low flame, catches the reflective curve of glass, softer and softer as it shrinks; blue glimmer, red bud, glowing memento, dark wick, captured soot. Like any candle might, recognisable. This one leaves cinnamon smoke.


Hmmmm, nice. Cinnamon smoke. One of my daughters-in-law gave me a bunch of scented waxes and a gizmo for melting them in. The cinnamon in one of my favorites.

You created vivid images with your words. As always.
Lisa Southard said…
Cinnamon is one of my faves too: for taste and smell. Not suggesting we should eat wax! :-)
Cinnamon smoke. If I could bottle it I would spread it on my toast with butter. Happy Belated New Year Lisa!
Lisa Southard said…
Happy Belatedness reciprocated Heather- cinnamon smoke butter- now I am wondering to to get that flavour on my toast! :-)

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