A Breakfast Vignette

It was Thursday so I had breakfast with a lion.
'MMM. Nuh one nee'bix please,' the lion said, examining a smudge on its polka dot tights.
'Do lions eat Weetabix?' By which I meant- are you sure you're a lion?
This prompted head scratching and a rumpled brow: whereupon the lion became a wolf, a howling wolf, who taught us all to howl.
(With a full moon scheduled this made so much more sense.)
A wolf does like a Weetabix, it seems; and making spiders from shadows and baking cakes.

We made the first cake out of a magnetic construction kit.


Geo. said…
I too spent the day with a 3-yr-old and deciphered the magic of Grandpa-Turbo, Iceman, etc. communications. As to food, I left that mercurial subject up to Norma. Kid likes crackers. All kids like dry salami. My daughter was the Weetabix kid --shows no ill-effects at 30.
Lisa Southard said…
A day well spent! Crackers, salami and Weetabix- Little Granddaughter would approve. Grandpa-Turbo magic sounds awesome :-)

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