View From The Dung Heap

This morning's view from the dung heap

It is not about the gold rush,
the future glimmer, the when or the if.
That's a dream only.
Sometimes you might go chasing after a lure
when all you love and need isn't perceived
exactly where you are.
Oh my honeyed sweets!
You chase and chase that mirage till you get close,
And it's not what you thought
Or you get too tired.
I get tired to watch it, but the rest of my view
from this fecund dung heap
Is clear.
Funny isn't it? Easier to be didactic
In this erratic form of verse.
I would like to build a house
Bursting with viriditas
Flame heated
It's fine to have an intention
But not to be distracted: so here we are
Learning how to propagate
And cooking on bonfires
And opening our palms to the heat of the
Prosperous fire.

Angry Birds, early version
Shadow tortoise eats shadow leaf.


Geo. said…
Ha! The angry birds. Between shadow and sunshine, an earthling's hand. Beautiful, appealing to the recurring youth, the viridity, in me --No wonder Ponce de Leon failed to find the fountain, the secret to rejuvenation was in a dung heap.
Lisa Southard said…
It's the only Angry Birds game I've ever played! As children we would play a game of cow pat chance, whereby one found a pat that looked dry and springy and jumped on it- if you had judged correctly you were rewarded with a bounce, if not you were rewarded with hilarity. No wonder I am fond of dung. If only Ponce de Leon had played that game! :-)
Suze said…
You are a genius. I'm sure you know this.
Lisa Southard said…
Or a loon with a dung fixation! Being happy is a sort of genius though :-) x

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