Salvage Yard

Other people's rubbish is made of clues. Like at the shops, when you judge a person by the things that are piled on the counter or (best for spying) rolling down a conveyor belt towards bored check out personnel.
(This natural nosiness once prompted what became known as the Rude Shopping Game. Simply fill your basket with bizarre items; for example, plastic handcuffs, a toy mouse, a tube of squeezy cheese and a bobble hat. The idea being to make the check out more fun, give a dull day a talking point.)
Today's recycling mission is old leaflets, cardboard and a ripped bean bag that the rabbit once soiled. Other people drop garden waste, some bagged up landfill. How dull. Perhaps the bags contain nefarious items?
In the wood skip a garden bench nests in splintered plank ends.
Who throws a bench away?
The garden waste people? Are they outdoor redecorators?
The land fillers? They are smiling and it's horribly cold.


The Cranky said…
How can one possibly smile whilst it's horribly cold?

I've played that game before...the Great Scot and I filled a shopping trolley with cucumbers, donuts, KY jelly and Depends (adult nappies). The clerk's face was priceless.
Lisa Southard said…
Good shopping Jacqueline- there was a clerk with a story to take home :-)
And the answer to your first question- villains surely! Or snowmen. It was suspicious!

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