Three Tiny Harmonies

The last of the haiku challenge set by Suze.
The three themes are:
the real
(which make an oddly pleasant sentence.)

This day has sped and the next two are fully booked, so these haiku, though neatly written in order of topic, are rushed out and my return visits to participants will be late, for which I apologise. This morning I took off early and fast for a hospital appointment (some faulty toes, uncomfortable not life threatening) and left my coffee at home. So this first effort is from the heart:

In such rush
Coffee left cooling
Is longed for

The pharmacy queue was groaning so I left my paperwork and sought out a hot cup at the ground floor café. Sat facing the corridor, am struck by the contrast of the casual snacks and the life and death stories passing by. And what could be in those green plastic bins, wheeling by my table? So the next effort has a gruesome shade to it:

Surgical waste
Wheels past pastries:
Hospital café

Before I fling back out to work I think of what I need to re-grow my calm:

Candles lit
Bath steam scented
Soul unfurls


angryparsnip said…
Very interesting (not to sure about the surgical waste, I worked my way through school at hospital) but I like the way you worked your day into the haiku.
I wrote one of my best haiku in an ill fitting gown in a hospital room waiting for results.

cheers, parsnip
Geo. said…
Excellent haiku. The universal intimacy of coffee and commitment, processional contrasts and ampliative imagery are nicely represented. My compliments and appreciation.
Sultan said…
Now I so want coffee ...
Wow. Outstanding job, kiddo. I love how your haiku reflect what you were experiencing at the time. I really love all three of them, but if I had to pick just one, I'd have to go with the second. I worked in a hospital back in the Dark Ages, and often had similar thoughts about the ironic juxtaposition of the ordinary... alongside reminders of disease and death.
Suze said…
The first and third were truly feel-good haiku, Lisa. Been sick -- again! -- and so haven't had coffee in two days. I tend to drink tea when I'm ill and yesterday it was all I could ingest. :(

Anyway, bleh. Sorry to spew about that on your beautiful post. Your verse is soothing, dear friend.
Lisa Southard said…
Well, tea is nice too- even if dictated by circumstance! Sorry you are sick :-( xx

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