Lucid Walking

Squid Tree 

Cool humidity washes over the morning. It fades the hilltop backdrops to vague misted cliffs, to shapes of faraway things, like islands, like many dome-topped islands.
In this muted sea I swim, along the root knotted lanes, dreaming, discovering.
This bobble-eyed tree is a land octopus: Plantae Cephalopoda Gigantis. This fungus is dark as a smoker's lung. Birds dart, as fish do, flashing colours. This Squid Tree is diving.
Sun deepens its reach, presses warmth, retreats behind a fine foam of cloud.

Discovering, dreaming, in these root knotted lanes:
coral reefs
mountain trails

The universe stretches from here, to back here again.

Plantae Cephalopoda Gigantis  


klahanie said…
Wonderful thoughts, Lily. And the forest becomes an ocean of possibility that extends to the universe and returns with the calmness of your words. Thank you :)
Geo. said…
"The universe stretches from here, to back here again."

Intriguing, instructive. Tendrils in a manifold plenum: what we know of distance, we know of time too. Good poem. Good moment.
Lisa Southard said…
*Takes a bow*
Thank you, you are a wonderful audience!

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