Half stub of mouse on the doormat this morning. More description, though I do a poetic job of it, is rejected: sometimes, even poetry must be on a need to know basis. What remains is placed under the garden hedge with the usual country wisdom: You are part of the earth now, little mouse, and probably part of the cat. Everything comes back to the earth.
To make the best of this experience we are having, being sentient individuals, Mr and me and Dog make a brisk morning walk. A gentle run simmers up, and then we get home to work out arms with weights and then we go back outside to run through our Tae Kwon-Do patterns. The Nextdoor Chickens cluck at our kihaps, and a neighbour waves as she walks up to the village. Clarice plays cards every Thursday with two friends, 'For the company, dear, not for money.'
I like her ethic.
Old Poet Larkin preferred misery to daffodils, but I side with Wordsworth on that: the cyclical nature of renewal and the beauty of the unrepeatable moment is my inspiration. But I agree with the grumpy one on this:
'What will survive of us is love.'


Kittie Howard said…
Lovely post! I also agree with the Grumpy One. I once had a cat who had a mouse for a friend. No kidding! We said Chester was our Make Love, Not War cat!
Anonymous said…
A lovely sentiment and visual at the end.

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Suze said…
I feel like I need to go over some back posts to catch up on what's going on with you, Lily.
Britta said…
Hi, I found your blog via Suze. Funny: yesterday I thought about putting up a poem of Larkin on 'Happiness of the Day' (my second blog that I 're-opened') - and choose Yeats instead.
A brisk walk and some weight training is fine (and possible even in Berlin - though there it is more often a brisk walk through a park)
Came looking for a haiku and found far more than country wisdom...
Lisa Southard said…
Kitty- Chester was very special :-) At our old home we had need of a mouser- now we are just hoping old age will hobble Cat's snack habits..
Thank you Medeia :-) The rose was a table decoration from a family wedding.
Hello Suze- I've been busy mostly with Tae Kwon-Do stuff- am launching into publishing a TKD book and applying to do my Second Dan. Partly it's too much and partly I love the challenge: and the love of challenge wins :-)
Brigitta- I think of Larkin like a dear old grouch of a relative: am glad other people remember him too! My son is on his way home tonight from a school trip to Berlin, so I am about to learn a lot about that city :-)
Heather- Merci :-) I have managed to get some haiku together now, meanwhile I'm mosst pleased you liked what you found.

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