Sofa Throw Finale

Dog announces her recovery from a bout of fatigue by sneaking next door to scent herself with chicken poop. The day is all crisp blue and white like a toothpaste commercial. This morning the washing is clipped to lines that sparkle ice and each garment emits a cloud of steam. Yesterday we thought that the sky had found a store of winter at the back of an old snow cloud, and we had no expectations for this brewing warmth. In celebration, windows are opened, carpets swept. Washing is hung out wet and brought in near dry: it only needs an evening of airing out. For a finale, out goes a fresh washed sofa throw. It is not fetched in till after dark. The faux fur has an ice crunch to it and tiny beads twinkle under electric light.


  1. I look at Dog's innocent expression and ask, is this the face of someone who'd roll in chicken poop? No jury would convict her. Beautiful pics and post!

  2. And just when you think that winter is finished, it reminds us with a snowy encore.

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar, is rather fond of fox droppings :)

  3. Awww she is sooo beautiful :).

  4. Dontcha love how dogs "groom" themselves? HA!

    Very poetic, as always. But no haiku yet, so as Schwartzeneggar said, "I'll be bock!"

  5. Wonderful photo of the tree. Your throw sounds perfectly beautiful but maybe needs a bit of fireside time.

  6. Thank you all- Dog has been sea swimming today and smells much better. And the throw is all dry. And I apologise for my late responses, only life has been happily distracting :-)

  7. I'm siding with Geo. Dog looks the picture of timid innocence. If Dog isn't, then it is Oscar time.~Mary


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