A Climate Of Surprise

Mr was attacking the pampas grass. It must go, lovely as it shakes under a night wind and brings to mind tropical storms and thoughts of white sanded island beaches. The whip of those leaves cut like paper edges.
I had a plan to dig up the bushy tree that grows nothing edible, to make room for cherry and plum. Before my hand can touch a spade, the rain comes cold and wet.
It's a commonly held belief here that if one is to be cold and wet one might as well be at the seaside.
From the damp earth to Widemouth Bay we travel, by rusty car. One 50 pence piece, and one 10, drop into the ticket machine to buy one hour of car park time.
Dog runs, the rocks are sculptural, the pools clear, the sun visible, warmth discernable, my feet jump out of their boots. Mr looks at bends of rock and sighs over forces.
We run back to the car under pelts of hail: stop halfway home to buy hot pasties, gobble them up, giggle at the steam on windows.


Kwickix said…
Sometimes, there's nothing better than a Cornish pasty.
Geo. said…
What a lovely outing. You are fortunate to live near the shore. Hail, steam? The sea follows you inland. Does that here too!
klahanie said…
Me thinks you've describe the perfect day out in this green and getting greener, pleasant land! :)

Must take our lovable dog for a run on the beach. Will park on a side street. Too cheap to pay for parking!

Be well.

Sounds like although the rain and hail were uncomfortable, there was still plenty to celebrate in each other's company. Wonderfully whimsical post! Loved it. :D
Eat To Live said…
Are you digging up the pampas grass? Those roots go deep don't they.... holy cow. I have some out front of my house and I don't thinkg I would ever get it dug. I would have to have someone come in with a big digger to get it out.
Britta said…
To dream of tropical islands - so soothing, when as in Berlin now, temperature outside drops under zero... Spring HAS to come, definitely!
Lisa Southard said…
Sometimes it has to be a pasty Mr Kix!
Thank you everyone - hope we can ditch the pampas... might need a bonfire! That will heat the garden up even if spring keeps chucking hail at us :-)

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