Sleepy In Cold Weather

Aerial ice, pretty as it is sharp.
So sleepy, I am glad of the cold jabs.
Freeze dried flakes of air flutter over tarmac like shook out feathers.
I have a mindful of blizzarding alphabet, a limitless thirst for coffee.
Could swallow an ocean of coffee, hot and awake.
All the letters just wash, in waves of tired, and wild polka dots of snow fly the night sky, over my sinking eyes.


Geo. said…
Lily, I don't know why you go anywhere --the landscape seems to change so radically right where you are. Wonderful text and pictures. But strangely, face in top pic looks more vigorous than I do on a cold morning.
Lisa Southard said…
I don't much go anywhere! But am lucky to be stuck here :-) I find the cold morning instills vigour, but it runs out when I get back home. Face in the top pic is less crumpled than mine, though I am not jealous.

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