Birthday Table

Girl says: 'Whoever thought of putting Crispy Duck on a pizza is a genius.'
Mr says: 'Whoever thought of putting Crispy Duck on a pizza is a genius.'
Mr Thorn orders a burger. He's not a pizza man.
Granma Grace likes the Hawaiian best. We sit at the table's end, loving the view and the clatter and the state of the grandchildren after the cake.
Our next grandchild is growing in a neat bump: this time next year, another high chair pulled to the table.
The coffee is late.
There's a little box on the table, it has a pair of cufflinks in it. Gold on silver, a present for Mr, handed from Granma, with a note that made him quietly cry. They were his father's, once.
Mr's daughters made the cake. It is light and sweet with perfect crumb.


  1. Awww, so perfect! Happy Birthday and many happy returns.

  2. What a delightful gathering! Ceiling contour and lighting suggest the party was held in the dining hall of a starship. It is my custom to wave hello at the night sky.

  3. Happy Birthday to Mr., what a lovely family gathering.

  4. Mr says Thank you very much for your birthday wishes. We were in a cellar, not the space ship this year :-)

  5. Very nice angle shot. It does look circular but definitely adds interest.

    Happy belated birthday to the Mr. That is a lovely cake!

  6. HAP-py birthday! Mr., you are graced with the love of Lily. May the incoming year be among the very best you will spend together and may a long-held dream begin to come in sharper focus, and then take flight.

    (I love the photos, Lils. Goldish.)

  7. Thanks DG- it was circular, being a rather elderly converted cellar on the Exeter quayside. Cake was amazing- our girls are all keen bakers- very lucky for us :-)
    I certainly hope so, lovely Mrs Suze- this is a fabulous birthday wish :-) xx


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