The Hit

Only one alteration on the Tae Kwon-Do book proofs today: so the signing off for printing is very close.

Brain cannot compute. Brain says: this has been spoken of for so long, it has built an invincible association with being far away.
But like exams and giving birth, the day will appear, the real day, out of daydreams and practice some real testing, happening, hyper-real hours will hit my life… Then the aftershock questions: did that happen, has everything changed, why hasn't everything changed, is it good enough, have I wasted my time, did that really happen?

Size: Finished: 297 x 210mm. (portrait)
Pre-press: preflight: 40 page(s)
PDF Proof: 40 Page(s)
Printed: Cover printed full colour both sides on 250 gsm. silk
36 pages printed 4 colours both sides on 170 gsm. Inaset Offset
Finished: Fold, saddle stitch and trim to size
Packed: 13kg packed in boxes
Delivered: One address local delivery

Preflight, the specs say, silk, saddle stitch: 13 kilos of book


  1. That is so exciting....good luck and congrats :).

  2. Thank you lovely Petronella! Am very pleased for you too- two quite different projects but both fabulous, obviously :-)

  3. Lisa, fabulous! Wow!! I am rejoicing with you!

    So, has everything changed? :) :)

  4. Lol Suze- will let you know! Still seems like a universe away! xx


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