Wake Up Laughing

Could not help but be amused on receiving this email today:
'100% Genuine Reviews. What was great? What wasn't so great? What really stood out? Our genuine guest reviews help fellow travellers choose the right hotel - and your expert opinion counts! So go free...'

I bought a new diary but, being tired, unfairly pick fault with the year planner layout. It was picked from a small selection of leftovers held behind the counter of the stationers in a cardboard box. I tell the assistant about the hotel burglary, but I don't much care for spreading bad news. A handbag, a diary, a notebook, even the handmade for Mum key ring, they are but things. This new diary with which I have yet to bond was the cheapest nearest thing to what I wanted, and it will do perfectly well after the restoration of sleep.

I will dream of the delight of the hotel management when they view my genuine guest expert opinion on the Late Rooms site.


HA! Methinks the hotel asked the wrong person for a review...
Misha Gerrick said…
Awe I'm sorry to hear about the theft. Hope you grow to love your diary.
Suze said…
So much looks as it should after the restoration of sleep.
Lisa Southard said…
Susan, I was only descriptive and not actively judgmental. To me, that seems fair. To the hotel, it may seems like lost revenue...
Thank you Misha, am making an effort!
Suze: still need more sleep but much does look more usual :-)

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