Rest And Protest

In the last stretch of morning run, I push legs to a sprint. Tiredness catches up with inconvenient ease.
Stomach hurts and brain only thinks in blinks, it can't concentrate at all.
Lie on the sofa, sleep light.
Get up to drink some tea.
Marvel at the dog hair stuck to my clothes. I look like a feather.
Washing goes in machine, washing up goes under the tap…
I have too much enmity for inactivity.
My stomach hurts.
This evening I do not go to work. I may even watch some television.
For the last push of this lap, oomph must be revived.


Suze said…
That first sentence makes me feel like I felt the other day. The only day I got out of the house this week it was for about fifteen minutes to get a few grocery items -- it cost a helluva lot, energy and emotion-wise -- I saw this girl who looked to be in her twenties jogging and thought, 'where the fuck did my youth go?'

Anyway, your first sentence makes me feel a million things. Haven't run properly since an injury in early September. Don't want to believe things are starting to turn downhill. Don't want to believe the strongest, unquenchable fire is behind me. Feel like I haven't even truly lived yet. Crying for health.

Geo. said…
Oomph well-taken. I too am currently trying to revive it. Also like the medical school graduation photo.
The Cranky said…
Feel better soon Lisa.
Lisa Southard said…
Suze- I only run for 5-10 minutes at the moment, because of an injury- I power walk about 20 minutes and then on the last downhill, I break into a gentle run. About 100 yards from home, I sprint. (That's Dog's favourite bit.) This morning, no running! Doesn't mean the fire is out, it just needs tending. Health will come, and meanwhile, have thoughts on What Adventure Is Next. And a hug, have a hug :-) xx
Geo- oomph responding well to a spot of rest. I would have quite enjoyed medical school, I think. The human body is fascinating. Brains and skeletons are my favourite bits.
Thank you Jacqueline- betterness seems close enough- hope you are well!
Kittie Howard said…
Know that oomph feeling upon occasion. But, after all, tomorrow is another day! Can't look back!

Hey, have a great Easter/spring break!

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