Always Awake To The Smell Of The Coffee

In the dark the stars
Find no cover and must shine
Between their light and my eyes, this
Car window, smudged with old rain
Here I sit
Settled in the passenger seat
Tipping espresso from the worn pink flask
In the dark the trick is
To stick your thumb just inside the cup:
When the thumb is hot, stop pouring.
Drink up, think of
Rain smudge: what it could


  1. Gorgeous photos and the poem that accompanies is well written. Full of imagery. Excellent post!

  2. And through the rain smudged car window, I see a hope beyond the blur. With that, I shall now have one more cup of coffee and try to get some sleep.

    A provocative posting that makes one wake up and smell the coffee.

    Peace be with you.


  3. Thank you folks :-)
    Hope beyond the blur :-)


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