Lacking a geopolitical stronghold (unless the polytunnel counts) I am not a true oligarch.
I dream of a stronghold, as any oligarchic candidate would - a vague yet vivid dream involving wide open space, water, natural materials, a sense of sparkle…
I have four hired venues for my teaching, however, in which I strut up and down waving a stop watch, issuing orders, organising, delegating , reviewing, assessing, correcting, planning, answering questions, provoking thought, promoting harmony and progression on as many levels as possible.
I suspect my pay is below oligarchic average; job satisfaction, above. 


  1. I would be afraid of that much power! Great O

  2. I don't know what the pay scale is for a practicing oligarch. If it's too high, you get reclassified a plutocrat. Job satisfaction is a much more flexible reward system that doesn't mess with one's title. Less confusing to stick with "Ma'am" when teaching.

  3. Someone how I hear this little voice saying: "Be very afraid."

  4. Bravo! Being in command is worth something, in my book. Doing something we like, even better.


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