A weight of it - of the specific measure, no one cares.
Absorb like leaves, all opened up.
Sun on me like the nectar-dusted legs of a bee.
Laughing, just because -
Flowers at work: we should be this: simply to exist is to fulfil.
Ah, but the floors need sweeping, they are horrid.
But we can push the windows wide, and if we feel nice - work is not work at all.


  1. True, but unfortunately for us, we got sleet today and it was blowing half a gale for most of the day. Last week we had spring.

    1. Not so relaxing but I am a lover of all weathers. Hope you have some more spring soon :-)

  2. >>"Flowers at work: we should be this: simply to exist is to fulfil."

    What a beautiful line, Lisa!!

    1. Thank you :-) I'm not the first to notice the wisdom of flowers but I don't think you can overdo it!

  3. " ...simply to exist is to fulfil."

    How rare and beautiful it is to just exist...

    Another lovely post!


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