Lovely Jubbly

A sprouting, unnecessary yet exuberant, from the word ‘lovely,’ this expression conveys a deal done to the favour of the expresser, or some unearned luck.
Not a phrase so often used these days; perhaps from the taint of 1980s greed; though it has a jolly twang, a satisfaction to it.
Something of the child holds in the simplicity of it, and the element of gloating.
So I use it to convey here an uncomplicated swell of pride.
It is my wolfish appreciation at the shelves of seedlings in the polytunnel, at the fertile garden, of how this work reaps reward.
It is the grin at a grandchild, engrossed, who in all the paradise of fauna has set herself up on the driveway to play with items retrieved from the recycling bag and pots of borrowed pond water.
‘Making soup dear? Lovely jubbly!’


  1. I seem to remember we used that expression, in the UK, for food. I haven't heard it in years. Don't think anyone in Canada uses it.

  2. I love this, Lisa! Especially the green grass around the child where the light turns a little gold. Text and photos combine into something freer than lovely. Dare I call it, as I have never called anything, lovely-jubbly? I have. It feels...what's the word for that?

  3. It's an infectious phrase... can't help liking it!
    I must apologise again for my lack of return visits lately- with Mr on crutches I am rather busy- recovery progressing well however and as the pictures prove (and the text, hopefully) life is far from terrible :-)


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