Self Surprise?

How does one surprise oneself? 

1) By an unknown process, otherwise is it really a surprise?
If you are too much under control, you may have squished your soul. You may be living with an unhealthy level of fear, oppressed by expectations, social or personal. Seek help. Try dancing, even if it’s in a locked room with no audience, it’s a start. Some would advocate intoxication but be wary of replacing control with substance based escapism. It can go wrong. By wrong I mean leading to addiction, not waking up in a tree dressed as a pirate. The latter seems fine.

2) Try something new.
Preferably something that crosses a boundary (whilst drawing a firm line at anything nonconsensual). Small things, like a different route home, like having a digestive instead of a tea biscuit; mid range things, like taking up kayaking; long range things, like going to live in a different country. 

3) Try something you don’t think you can do.
Set yourself a goal if you like. A half marathon, a mud run, a rock climb, read a whole book, a headstand, get a degree. Understand that if you are not gifted at astrophysics that degree will take a long time, but if that’s the best direction out of your comfort zone and towards a dream, commit to it.

But why should we surprise ourselves?

Because this life belongs to you. Because we all live together on a beautiful planet. Because surprise makes you see things differently, in greater detail, in ways that are more alive, in ways that open up possibilities. Because possibilities breathe joy into life. 


  1. >>"Because possibilities breathe joy into life."

    You are so right!!! Love this.

  2. I did my first headstand in simply years on the grass outside the TKD academy. It felt good. And I got a round of applause! Keep on writing Lisa, keep on inspiring and entertaining. I Love reading your thoughts and even have a few of my own sometimes X


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