I am ruled as the birds sing.
I am open to weather.

~ There was that phase where I tried to live without cutlery (aged about 8?)
The soup bowl had a lip, most awkward. In the end I gave in to a spoon. Cutlery began to make sense to me. But on the beach a shell was my spoon.
It is still.

When the gulls call, it sounds like they are laughing.


Dixie@dcrelief said…
"A shell for a spoon"... I like that Lisa.
Jo said…
I had to check on the word as I had never heard it before. Interesting start to A to Z. You couldn't drink soup out of your bowl?
Andrea said…
I love how you found your way back to cutlery. It made me smile!
Lisa Southard said…
And a flat stone for a plate! I am at home on a beach :-)
Lisa Southard said…
I've been hearing that word since I was tiny... mostly it was about me :-)
The bowl had a bowed lip to it, caused a soup splurge, terribly messy. I don't agree with lipped bowls to this day!
Lisa Southard said…
It made my life a lot easier too, Andrea :-)
Stephen Tremp said…
I learned a new word today. Great start and thanks for participating in A to Z!
Cygnus said…
I love that final 2-frame picture... I'm squinting to try to make out the writing, but even at low-res, it's gorgeous.

Coincidentally, I chose "A is for Anarchy" today, too! :-)
"In the end I gave in to a spoon."

That's a lovely line.
Geo. said…
So, you've always been an earthling. Takes one to know one. Beautiful post, Lisa!

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