Dog's first train ride...

She gets the hang of it quickly-
as long as she can sit in the middle of the walkway...

The round house was much admired.

This says 'tree also elephant baby with hands.'

Seaweed hair extensions.

Crutches on sand, this was amusing.

Yesterday we wrote in the sand. There was not time for any other scribing. We found a square of part pebbled beach, where the waves curled around a tall harbour wall, curled around the river currents, clear and shining. Gulls sat, iconic and thievish, watching. Here we lingered over possibilities of real estate, digesting our fine lunch, working up appetites for ice cream. 
Back from our day trip in time to fly to work, home again with time to watch a film before our eyes would not stay open.
Yes and No both are empowering words: it is all in the context.
Yesterday I chose: no other scribing.


Lisa Southard said…
This post is titled 'No' but for some reason Blogger isn't showing the title today- obviously it said 'No' also...

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