W was the letter I would have featured yesterday-
Were I so inclined-
What was it that I was doing?
It was Monday so:
One adventure before breakfast (in the Dead Tree Field, an unexpected lake, ice shadows, an outpost of Badgerland)
One grandchild was here, for her second breakfast, to draw a face for a scarecrow, to plant melons and snail shells, to mispronounce windmills (minnedwills, millwynds, whealmills, windmiles).
‘Snail shells, do they grow into flowers?’
‘Nooo, Granma, it makes a tree!’ 


  1. I think there is a long, venerable history of trees growing in just such a fashion. And if there's not, there should be.

  2. "... makes a tree..."
    I'll have to try it (smile).

  3. Wildly imaginative. Sounds a cute kid.

  4. I was a professional gardener for many years and always started trees from snail shells. Also, did you know your dog leaves a wake like a speedboat?


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