Interval Training

This is not a characteristic, but a type of getting or maintaining fitness with exercise that changes intensity. 
This morning I used the walk, jog, sprint interval method to travel two hilly miles and now my leg muscles feel appreciated. 
I am pleased to have a physical body to interact with the physical world. I love movement; the push of an uphill sprint, the breeze trailing lost twine from a tree, the dip of birds in flight; and how the light interplays; how pale the sky is today, opal blue, and the light seems pasted on behind it, opaquely collaged. Dog and I and even the hedgerow flowers are ridiculously solid in comparison. 
Primrose, violet, tulips, daffodils in frills; the light has hewn them into stone. 
None of which comes up when you google ‘interval training.’ The mind’s input is directed instead to envy, perhaps, through photoshopped abdominals, and other such nonsense. Exercise is a distraction, there, but it shouldn’t be: it should be something to embrace (at any pace) as part of the full authentic experience of being alive. 
It should wake your mind to possibilities, to all that you are capable of. Not to fix what is broken, but set to bloom that which lies within. We deserve to be empowered, not ruled.


Jo said…
No longer able to do such exercise sadly. Love the flowers.
Geo. said…
Most of my exercise is puttering outdoors but sometimes I can absorb vitamin D from sunshine with great vigor. I find the photo delightful and thoroughly enjoy the physical ability to interact with the world --even if I take breaks oftener now.

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