[Centile: one of 99 actual or notional values of a variable dividing its distribution into 100 groups with equal frequencies; the 90th centile is the value of a variable such that 90% of the relevant population is below that value.]

Magnificentile: a scale on which you measure the magnificence of your life.
On which you choose what the centiles represent.
Today I choose bluebells, eating outdoors, the noise of bees.
Measuring a full quotient, as is usual.
Dog agrees. She is no mathematician, merely a genius.


Dixie@dcrelief said…
May I come spend a day with you and Dog?
Jo said…
Even lawnmowers have become a sound of summer these days. I actually saw some tulip leaves the other day so I guess spring is beginning at long last. Not seen bluebells in many years.
Lisa Southard said…
Of course you may :-)
Lisa Southard said…
I saw tulips too- not open yet- they always seem more summery to me but bluebells mean spring is in full swing :-)

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