Opulent Autumn

Had a sincerely convincing dream that I won £250,000 on the Euromillions lottery; I bought a ticket, on the strength of that.
I won £2.50.
How dreams can shrink in the light of day! Spent the winnings on Lotto tickets.
Sometimes a gamble is a leap of faith, just a way of saying hey, universe, I embrace a change.

All the road to Exmouth was hedged with gold leafed trees.

We spent a day with Little Grandson, assorted grown up children, a bag of toys, ample platters of savoury and sweet. Bouncy Beagle taught himself to eat an orange, which took several wincing at the citric attempts.

Outside the cold wind flowed over the windows and the sun's light poured through.
Bolts of gold drape our shoulders.
If the ticket pays up, we could all take a holiday, and sit out in foreign heat. Meanwhile, I'm sitting here, crunching up the last jalapeƱo, content. 


Suze said…
'Bolts of gold drape our shoulders.'

Better than a winning lottery ticket? I don't know maybe that sounds all bullshitty but God, I loved that, Lily.
Lisa Southard said…
I would love the money, but winning the lottery isn't the guardian of my hopes. Essentially, it wouldn't give me any more true happiness.
Teresa Cypher said…
Your post is lovely, Lily. But the comments are downright beautiful! :-) How have ya been? :-)
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you Teresa- I have been rather happily busy, tucking into an illustration project, keeping the writing in motion and getting garden things done- not much of a paycheck overall so far but the perks keep being fabulous! :-) xx

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