The Pathogen Family

Boy gets in the car, chuckling. He has been passing the time waiting for us to fly past between jobs and snatch him from the designated meeting spot. Mr puts his foot down exactly like a kidnapper so we have time to eat lukewarm fish pie. Boy recounts the failed attempt of fellow students to embarrass him in the underwear aisles of New Look.
'Hey, Boy: pink bra or red bra, what do you think?'
Shrug. 'What will you be wearing it with?'
Boy has me for a mother. Skinny-dipping, clown-suit-wearing, former smoker of enormous cigars, you get the picture. There was the time that Mr won the Walking In Heels competition: it isn't just me. Slowly, Boy has been inoculated against embarrassment.
I should footnote that while bonkers is a suiting word, we also do practical stuff like work for a living and nag about homework and steam healthy greens. One strives for a balance, even with such idiosyncratic scales. 

I know you all, and will awhile uphold
The unyoked humour of your idleness...


The Cranky said…
You have indeed taught him well...the confident insouciance of his reply shows a graceful nonchalance.
klahanie said…
Hi Lily,

Ah yes, life and a few idiosyncrasies. Nothing like a bit of something different to balance out the somewhat potential tedium of alleged 'normal' life.

My son is almost immune to my embarrassing attempt at being cool. Yep, I dance like a dad at a wedding :)

Thank you for a delightful posting.

Kind wishes and stilettos, your way, Gary
Geo. said…
What did we do right to deserve such forgiving and tolerant offspring? My compliments and admiration. Some of mine are in their 40s and still like me. Granted, I don't dare smoke cigars around them, but they like me.
Suze said…
True confessions (because that's what commenting on other people's blogs seems to make me do!)

Okay -- ha! I typed out my confession and then I deleted before posting!

Anyway, beautimous post. :)

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