Rose Tinted Flesh

If there exists anything more expressive of delight than Dog, freed of her stitches, head cone and lead, galloping through seawater, I should like to experience it. It is a step past my imagination.
Her fresh scar is bright pink in the cold salt. I take my boots off. The sea has sharpened its teeth since my last paddle, the first bite of winter fastens to my feet.
A lady with a bouncy terrier stops to tell me she thought I had pink Wellingtons on, until she saw the boots in my hand. She can't get down to loosen her laces so easy these days, she says, so best get your feet wet while you can, eh?
Submerged in the sound of the surf, watching the running Dog, shivery foam on the tide line, waves that flow in long and shallow, the pearlescent prettiness of reflected sky; feel the icy sting on wet bare skin. See the rocks that the gods of geology fold up like a causal sandwich.
Get in my car, the heater works. Dog sleeps on her sandy blanket. 


The Cranky said…
Sounds like a perfect day for both of you...although you are far, far braver than I!
klahanie said…
What a peaceful ambience you describe. And to know that on a cold day, that the car heater works, the dog cuddles up and sleeps in a sandy blanket, ends a reflective day on the beach of dreams.

Wishing you and your loved ones, a most peaceful weekend.

Suze said…
I'm so happy Dog is free of stitch and cone and frolicking in the salted freeze!

Lils, I love that picture of you, all windswept and intrepid.

Here's hoping the fight in Coventry went well!
Lisa Southard said…
Thank you everyone- back from my ringside working now- all our fights went pleasantly :-)

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