Unbedded myself in the dark for an early walk with Dog. As I walked, light seeped upwards: it would be amusing if the two events were linked. I could walk backwards into midnight. After breakfast, coffee and driving Boy to school, straight to painting, which forms the main activity of the day. Little pictures, coming to life.

Full moon rolls along the horizon like a beautiful lazy eye. Bright planet beside it is a mere pin. Or a very small eye in a heavenly cubist face?

A young man in shorts flags down our homeward bound car. He has a car but it has bounced off the hedge, rolled, righted, stopped with immovably busted wheels, equidistant between hedges, neatly blocking the road.
'Sorry,' he says.
'Learning curve,' says Mr.
We flag down cars while he phones his parents, until the police arrive with flashy lights and high vis jackets.

Big faced moon in a clear sky sees all.

At home, via small detour roads, we drink dark hot frothed up mocha. 


Suze said…
I'm glad the driver was okay, and that you and gentle Mr. happened upon him.
klahanie said…
Vividly descriptive and your way with words dances from your keyboard as the moon casts eerie shadows upon the creaking branches.

Thank you for sharing such wondrous talent.

In admiration, Gary

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